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  • Last time Dora share a recipe on Vegalicious blog (Mexican Zucchini Corn Tacos)--it was a huge hit, so I asked Dora to do it again.  And she did!  She delivered this beautiful eye candy that begs to be enjoyed at least once a week--Tropical Fruit Parfait! Enjoy … [Continue Reading]

    Vegan Tropical Fruit Parfait Recipe
  • Blueberries and coffee go together like Fred and Ginger. There is something about the rich depth of coffee and the acidic sweet pop of blueberries that just works. Combine with creamy vanilla oats and these Overnight Oats with Coffee and Blueberries hit the … [Continue Reading]

    Overnight Oats with Coffee And Blueberries
  • Having cooked thousands of different recipes, by now I find it thrilling to still get surprised by ingenuity and creativity of my fellow cooks and bloggers. Just when I thought I had seen it all...or almost all, I get blown away by this vegan, and gluten free, … [Continue Reading]

    Sweet Potato Toast Vegan Bruschetta
  • I'm a sucker for simple, scrumptious recipes. After all, who's got time to spend all day in the kitchen? And you know my policy--health should be simple! It is with this mantra that I am happy to bring you an easy, simple, yet very delicious recipe by a guest … [Continue Reading]

    Mexican Zucchini Corn Tacos Recipe
  • You all know that I'm a bread baby.  I am disciplined (so, I won't eat a whole loaf of bread in one setting), but I LOVE bread. So, when a fellow vegan blogger, Amanda Logan and I chatted about recipes, and she mentioned Zataar Pizza, I was all over it.  I asked … [Continue Reading]

    Vegan Lebanese Zataar Pizza Recipe
  • What can anyone possibly want on a hot summer day?  I can tell you--an awesome, ice cold dessert! Sprout and I spent the morning at the park yesterday, and we both were  famished--I completed a 5 mile walk, and she spent an hour chasing imaginary cats around the … [Continue Reading]

    Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Recipe
  • Hello, beautiful! I hope you had the greatest 4th of July celebration. I did! Although most of it was spent chasing kids, taking care of people, and picking and prepping berries for the off season. I am drowning in berries! 130 lbs of freshly picked strawberries, … [Continue Reading]

    Easy Vegan Blueberry Pie Recipe
  • Have you ever had your family happily bang on the table, with forks in their hands, ready to go, chanting: "We want food! We want food!"? Have you ever had the same family, after you serve them that food, bang on the table again, with saliva dripping the sides of … [Continue Reading]

    Best Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe

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