5 Easy Main Dish Gluten Free Recipes

I'm so beside myself right now--Hubby and I closed on our house and got our keys yesterday.  We are moving in today!  I have to be honest, though, I am not excited about packing and moving.  In fact--I dread the process because I had to repeat it way too many times to even fess up to tell you.  It is tragic, really. If you found out, you would be mourning and crying with … [Read more...]

4 Easy Vegan Soup Recipes You Should Add to Your Cookbook

I have been swamped for the past few days and, honestly, I'm barely moving.  So, today, I'm sharing easy to make delicious vegan soup recipes, especially for people with little time (I'm guessing that you are one of them). House buying is quite an involved and emotionally charged experience.  After a year of looking for a home, we found one that we liked and put an offer … [Read more...]

7 Fourth of July Vegan Recipes

Happy 4th of July! This year, besides celebrating the country I get the honor to live in, I will be celebrating my personal Independence Day--independence from being sick. I am a happy and blessed woman. While the 4th of July is a special day, with all enticing treats available to celebrate it, remember that every bite you take either makes or breaks your health, so--eat … [Read more...]

Weekend Recipe Roundup | Vegan Recipes

Sprout has been teething (pushing out her last baby molar) for the last three days and we all are worn out. We have been stuck in the house, primarily on the couch, since it became her chosen place to get through this.  While we normally spend our entire days together as it is, the last three days we have been inseparable. I held her, I worked while I held her, we read … [Read more...]

8 Course Plant Based Menu That Will Have You Lick Your Plates

I love to eat. I love to eat good food. I love to eat healthy food.  I also love cooking for others.  A lethal combo, in my opinion, because oftentimes it leads me to over-planning what should be simple meas and over-committing with my time.  It never fails! Last weekend I invited my brother and his family for dinner. They are not vegan, so the food had to be extra good … [Read more...]

15 Delicious Daniel Fast Recipes

Whether you are following the Daniel Fast or enjoy eating healthy plant based, whole food meals, these 15 Delicious Daniel Fast Recipes will please your palate.  They are easy to make, scrumptious, store well and won't rob you of your time. If this is your first time doing the Daniel Fast, make sure to read this post: Everything You Need to Know About the Daniel … [Read more...]

Vegalicious Thanksgiving Recipes | Downloadable Menu

Do you have your Thanksgiving menu planned and grocery shopping done? If not, I want to do something special for your this year--provide my annual vegan Thanksgiving Recipes and Menu to you, totally FREE of charge.  Yes, I love my readers THAT much! It is my way to wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. I have created an amazing Vegalicious Thanksgiving menu your … [Read more...]

8 Vegalicious 4th of July Recipes

Happy 4th of July! What are you grateful for this year? I asked Hubby about his ideal Independence Day meal--I decided to treat him to one of the best celebrations this year.  I know he is already salivating, just thinking about it. If you are not sure what healthy and delicious goodness to make for this Friday, I am about to share eight mouthwatering vegan 4th of July … [Read more...]

Easter Menu with Vegan Recipes

Happy Easter! To all my Russian speaking readers: Христос воскрес! Easter (Resurrection Sunday), for those of us who celebrate it because of our faith in Christ, is one of the best times of the year to remember everything we are grateful for: God's sacrifice, our family, health, finances, a home to live in, electricity, drinking water and even the smallest of things that … [Read more...]

4th of July Recipes | Vegan Way

Happy 4th of July! If you are not sure what healthy and delicious goodness to make for tomorrow, I am about to share 4th of July recipes... the Vegan Way! :) This is my family's menu. If you recreate this menu, you will be fully satisfied, and you will WOW your non-vegan friends and family.  All of these recipes are a guaranteed hit! Print out the menu, click through to … [Read more...]