12 Months of Vegalicious | a Year in Review

While looking forward is always exciting, looking back is no less fulfilling. 2013 has been a very thrilling year in many ways for me--from growing stronger in my role as a new Mom, to creating delicious,  easy vegan recipes, to building a stronger relationship with Vegalicious readers and making plans for the future. Today I want to share a few highlights from 2013 with … [Read more...]

Kitchen Tools: 15 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets for a Healthy Living

Just how important are good kitchen gadgets in my life? If I were given a choice between jewelry or a kitchen tool, every time, without fail, I will end up going for the latter... unless, of course, I already had everything I want in my kitchen ;). So, men, who are reading this article, believe me, I am not alone in saying this: A diamond is NOT a girl's best friend! A … [Read more...]

Is it Christmas or… is it Azure Standard?! | Saving Money While Eating Healthy

Do you know that feeling you get when you receive an unexpected gift? Especially when it is something you really wanted, but did not expect to get?  I can only liken it to having Christmas around the year :). When we lived in the state of Washington, eating healthy was not only fun, but we saved a LOT of money doing it.  Between doing a CSA with an organic farm (community … [Read more...]

My Very Own Personal Vegan Trainer

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day in Ohio, so hubby and I took a trek to the Hoover Dam.  Yes, there is a Hoover Dam in Ohio :)  My goal was to get a breath of fresh air and enjoy autumn beauty... ...but, it seems that hubby's goal was to torture me... We went up and down these steps [and there is more than meets the eye, as you will see in the images below] 4 times! … [Read more...]

Are you born with a Strong Will?

Silly question, right? Well, amazingly I am told all the time that the reason that I succeed with vegan whole foods diet is because I am strong willed. One of my family members told me that I have been dubbed “The Iron Lady” among my relatives for that reason. Hearing things as such never ceases to amuse and amaze me. It really cracks me up. The same person that shared … [Read more...]