Registration Open: How to Become Vegan | Vegan 101 Webinar Series

Vegan 101 How to Become Vegan is now open for registration!

How to Become and Stay Vegan | Vegan 101 is a FOUR week (once a week) course, which will answer questions, such as:

  • Why a junk free, plant based diet is the best lifestyle choice for humans
  • What is the science behind it
  • Where do vegans get their protein
  • Do vegans need to supplement
  • Vegans and fitness
  • Hormone health through diet
  • How to be a healthy vegan, etc.

By the time you complete the course, you will be able to comfortably transition to a healthy plant-based living, understanding all of the cornerstones of a vegan diet. You will learn how to avoid major pitfalls and to be not only a kind, but also a healthy vegan.  You will learn enough to answer even the most critical of minds on HOW TO BECOME VEGAN and why it is the best thing you and they can do for themselves.

I will share not only the science behind vegan living with you, but also a lot of helpful tips and tricks on how to run a successful vegan kitchen, plan meals, and help your family transition along with you.

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WHO should register: anyone who wants to learn: new vegans, vegans-to-be, old timers who want to expand their vegan knowledge and everyone in between.

Dates: It is a four week course, which will run 7/11/13–8/1/13.

Time: 8-9:00 pm EST

Format: Webinar with an option to dial in using phones. If it happens that you register but are not available to attend one of the webinars, you will be provided with a recording of the covered material (available for 48 hours one day after the webinar).

Spaces are limited and are available on first-pay-first-serve basis.

Fee: $15 for all FOUR classes.

Schedule/Topics Covered:

  • Week 1 (7/11): The science behind plant based living | Vegan sources of Protein
  • Week 2 (7/18): Truth about fat, sugar and other fun junk
  • Week 3 (7/25): Supplements | Hormone Health | Vegan Fitness
  • Week 4 (8/1): Vegan diet basics: how to run a successful vegan kitchen


Recording of the series is now available. Click this link to access it.


Once the payment is made, you will be taken to the confirmation page, from which you will complete a 30 second webinar registration form. It will not be posted anywhere else, so make sure to remember that last step!

Course Cancellation Policy

Registration fee refund policy:

  • 100% two weeks before the course begins
  • 75% one week before the course begins
  • 50% six days before the course begins
  • 25% four days before the course begins
  • 0% thereafter (three-zero days before the course begins)

Spread the Word

 elena-march-13While the vegan population is growing around the globe and more and more people are discovering the benefits of a plant-based diet, we need to make sure that even more people learn how to do vegan right quickly! PLEASE share this post anywhere and everywhere you can–Pin it, Twitter it, Facebook it, G+ it, Email it–you will see all of these options on the side of this post, or, if you are getting this through email, at the top of it.

Thank you! I am looking forward to doing HEALTHY, VEGAN & LEAN RIGHT with you!

If you have any questions, drop a note in the comment section.

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  • lati

    Hello Elena,

    i hope this works. I accidentally hit on your site and i have read that you have recovered from your hypothyroidism.

    I would like to ask you what exactly you have done to recover. what does your plan b diet consist of? what are we allowed to eat? sorry but it’s new to me and i have no idea!

    thank you so much.
    Ps i am suffering from hypothyroidism too, that is why i am interested in following the same path you did.

    • Lati, make sure to get my free ebook (I offer it to everyone who signs up to Vegalicious)–look in the sidebar. I talk about it there at length.

      The diet that I follow and teach is described in the book, but all of the details, along with recipes can be found in BODY BY PLANTS manual It sounds like you will benefit from doing the entire program.

      We have had great success with the program participants in addressing many health issues, including sluggish thyroid.

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