How to Transition Your Kids to a Healthy Diet

I have helped thousands of people transition to a health promoting, plant based diet in the last eight years. A lot of them were parents.  Many of them asked the same questions: “What can I do to help my kids want to eat healthy? How can I transition them to a health promoting plant-based diet?”

If you are a parent who wants to teach your kids healthy eating habits but not sure where to start, you want to listen to today’s chat on this topic. I will make it worth your time.

From my experience as a parent, health coach, and someone who is around a lot of kids most of the time, I have gleaned a few lessons that I am about to share that will help you transition your children to a healthy diet, and, in turn, help you  create healthy kids, even if they are addicted to junk food.

I will not waste your time with things that do not work, and get straight to the point.  I have to warn you, however, that I am not politically correct, so, I will tell you how it is!

After you watch the video, please take a moment and share your thoughts and experience on this topic, or, feel free to ask a specific question. Either I, or the amazing Vegalicious readers, will be happy to answer it.

How to Transition Your Kids to a Healthy Diet

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