The Greater Good | Vaccine Conversations–Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Disclosure: I am not a doctor, but I am a Mom. I have the right to have my baby’s best interest in my heart, to speak my mind, and today I will choose to exercise my freedom of speech.  Whether you disagree or agree with me, will not change my mind or take away the desire to speak the truth. If you get outraged by my opinion, facts, and the rule of common sense I will present in this post, please feel free to click off, unsubscribe and move on with your life. 

In the last few years the topic of vaccinations has become a hot one.  I know that is has become very important to me way before we even began our family. Having moved to the US from overseas I made my observations about American healthcare.  While I found a lot of good in it, there were a few things that raised my brows. I had to know what I could choose to live with, for myself and my future children, and what I have to avoid like the plague.

I have been wanting to write about this topic for a LONG, LONG time.  I actually did a couple short, sweet posts, about my personal choice on Facebook, only to be met with fire and brim stones from some readers.  One of them said: “You can have your opinion, but you should not share it with other, as to not influence them, because you are endangering them.” The person was not as kind in her remarks as I am paraphrasing her, but she did not leave even a dent in my fender. I choose to rise above narrow mindedness of someone who has been so brainwashed that s/he cannot even as much as dare to ask questions. And that is all that I will try to do in this post–help you to dare to ask questions, and then arrive at your own conclusions.

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A Choice?

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? are normally the two polarized options we hear about, leaving nothing in between.  With the rise of autism, it seems that the big Pharma (pharmaceutical companies which stand to financially gain from the sale of medicines of all kinds, including vaccinations), which has the money to buy the big Media, portrayed concerned parents and damaged children as a ignorant, uncivilized, hysterical bunch of villains who wish to stop all vaccinations and bring an end to this world . It seems that they (the media and the Pharma)  had chosen to emphasize on this group of people, while totally ignoring other injuries resulting from vaccinations, including brain damage, behavioral problems, asthma, allergic reactions, skin disorders, and even death.  With some random cases of certain diseases happening here in there, on small scale, the media chooses to call them “outbreaks”, scaring everyone into only one choice–vaccinate, or… we will make you vaccinate.

While currently there are some (three) exceptions provided in all states to people who do not wish to vaccinate: medical, religious and philosophical,  they are being aggressively attacked and taken away, leaving some states with only one exceptions–medical, in most cases, only for people who already had an adverse reaction to medication and have been damaged. Do we really have freedom if the government now mandates vaccinations, and threatens us with an imprisonment if we do not follow its orders?

While the Americans are lulled to sleep with promises of freedom, happiness and protection to all, they do not realize that the freedoms are actually being taken away from them, with a false hope of security given in exchange.  “After all,” some argue, “the government,  the pharmaceutical companies, and certainly, the doctors, have only our best interest in mind,” while forgetting the second part of the equation–the almighty dollar which can buy people, government institutions and media alike.

As parents, and smart human beings, we still need to be able to exercise our choices! We know what is best for our kids, not someone who never met them, never spent a sleepless night taken care of them, and certainly, not someone who does not know how their little bodies work–each child is unique!

The Science

Our bodies are made up of approximately 10 trillion cells, and there are approximately 100 trillion bacteria living in/around our bodies. As Dr. Lawrence Palevsky said at a recent Health Conference I attended: “We are infested!” 🙂 We are literally covered by germs, which are not diseases, but can become such, if they are given the right kind of conditions (a lot of which are dietary and lifestyle based, which lead to a poor immunity).

While in-utero, the baby is protected from bacteria, yet, during birth she passes through a birth canal infested with germs and does not get infected! On the contrary, this exposure prepares the child for the world she is entering, making her stronger. (This would be a great reason for babies to be born vaginally ;)–to get the right kind of exposure.)

Viruses are smaller than bacteria. They cannot do anything on their own, and must have a host cell. Believe it or not, but our bodies carry DNA and RNA codes for viruses.  Again… we are infested! However, in the right conditions the bacteria is actually there to protect the body and to make it stronger.

Currently there are vaccinations offered against 21 bacteria and 21 viruses. If we are covered with 100 trillion bacteria, which probably constantly change and mutates too, why and how was the decision made to vaccinate against only the 21? Furthermore  20 of these bacteria are airborne, so it would be smart to think that there is high likelihood that the child gets exposed to them WAY before a scheduled vaccination shot… so, in that sense, the child is already naturally able to overcome those diseases on her own.

These are the kind of questions I asked myself and I want all Vegalicious readers to ask. Does the science make sense?

More Questions?

I know that there are large group of peoples thinking that until the recent age humans were dying young because there were no vaccinations.  Historically it is not correct, however.  The outbreaks of measles and polio, among other things, happened not because there were no vaccinations, but because dietary and hygienic circumstances were lacking. It is a published fact that the cases of both went down next to nothing before the vaccines for them were introduced and mandated by the government.


Mercury and aluminum are both neurotoxins–they do not belong in the body in any amount.  Both are present in the vaccines. While recently the amounts of mercury, due to public awareness, are being reduced in certain vaccines, an agitator is still needed to make the vaccine active in the body, so the amount of aluminum has been increased to make up for mercury–a little known fact.  When combined, as it now often happens, when a child gets a cocktail of shots, as opposed to getting one vaccine at a time, they (mercury and aluminum) make a threatening combination, which could forever damage certain children, and affect many more.

Blood Brain Barrier

Our body was beautifully designed to have a barrier between the body (internally) and the brain–some things simply do not belong in the brain, and if they end up getting through, can become deadly. What can possibly break this barrier? Hypertension, high blood sugar and salt (so, if a mother has any of these problems, then her unborn child is at risk of having BBB (blood brain barrier) disrupted). (MMR vaccines have sugar in them. ) Inflammation can disrupt BBB (flu shots cause inflammation, dangerous especially to pregnant women and children). A child’s BBB is not fully formed until she is 4-6 months of age!

Polysorbate 80, an ingredient in some vaccines, which also attaches itself to aluminum, could break BBB and be carried into the brain, along with aluminum.

When BBB is disrupted, things can get into the brain from the body, which do not belong there. As of yet, there are no studies done to see how many vaccines get into the brain of vaccinated children.


Any medication, including vaccines, should be studies for years, in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.  Not only the entire vaccine, but each ingredients in each vaccine should be closely observed for possible side effects, yet, no such studies have ever been done.  Most vaccines, just due to the sheer intention of their use, are fast tracked by FDA and hit the market before any short and long term side effects could be observed.  For example, if you take your child to a pediatrician, and your child receives a shot, the doctor will tell you to observe your child for 4-6 weeks (or less).  But what happens after 6 weeks? Isn’t that a good question to be asked? Better yet, ask your doctor about each vaccine ingredient, and how it has been studied. I will bet that he will have NO clue!

Few Casualties for the Greater Good

Yes, I did hear this argument too. “It is better that a few suffer or die, from some complications, but the population at large is protected in the process,” is some people’s argument. I can never believe my ears when I hear this, and always wonder–would they say that if it were their child who suffers complications, or even dies? Would they generously offer their baby for the greater good of humanity? I think not! See, I have friends who had vaccinated their children, thinking they are protecting them, only to find their little ones regress and become someone else, almost overnight.  These parents and children have been sacrificed for the supposed greater good. Let’s ask them how they feel about it.

When I attended the wellness conference last weekend, I ran into a young lady, who decided to get vaccinated with the Gardasil shot when she was 18. She had a reaction to it and developed an autoimmune disease right after. I watched her, as she was probing one of the speakers for any possible hope to her situation, with tears pouring down her face, and her Mother hopelessly watching her from a side. Things do change when they hit home, don’t they? All of a sudden the topics, such as vaccinations, which we ignore now, become near and dear to us.

Would you risk your child’s health and life (as a science experiment), so others could live?

Your Child Will Expose My Child

This is by far, the most ridiculous argument I hear: “Your unvaccinated child will expose my child to getting sick! You should be put in jail!” If vaccines work, and your child is vaccinated, would it stand to be true that your child should then be protected? Why then worry about anything?

There is More to It than Meets the Eye

This is an extensive and a very involved topic.  We can argue over it all day long.  At the end of the day, I do not ask you to take my word for it, or your doctor’s–I propose one thing to all of you–DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK! Ask questions, research, pay attention–after all it is your children’s lives that are at stake! God forbid anything happens, you will not only suffer emotionally and financially, but you will have a hard time forgiving yourself for not paying closer attention to what is going into your child’s body.


Here are some other resources I would like to offer you:

The Greater Good

A recent documentary explores the very topic, which I just presented to you.  It does it in a very balanced way–exploring both sides of the equation–pro and against vaccinations, and even in between ;).  I highly encourage you to watch it–it will be money well spent.

The Greater Good can be watched online (that is how we did it–you pay and then a link is immediately sent to your inbox–keep an eye on your spam box too–and you have access to the movie for 5 days online), or order it to be emailed to you.

The Greater Good Movie – Trailer from BNP Pictures on Vimeo.

If you go to the movie’s official site, you will find a great list of references, Q&A, and other great things, which will help you make an informed decision. Before reaching a consensus on how we were going to raise our kids, this was one of the topics we explored very closely with my Husband. I encourage you to do the same.


When I watched the movie myself, I wanted to buy a few passes for my readers to giveaway. I contacted the people who made it to see if they wanted to contribute, and they were more than happy to!

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