Crazy on Greens–How I Worked out for THREE Hours on 16 oz of Green Smoothie

Crazy?  Yes, totally!

A couple of days ago one of the instructors at the gym where I teach texted to see if I would sub her class today.  Softie that I am, I said “YES”, and my usual 2-hour workout Saturday turned into three, back-to-back, hours of teaching.  And, since I am all hands on and do everything that I tell my students to do, I am now relaxing.  Having burnt nearly 2,000 calories I think that I deserve a dark chocolate bar. MMMMMMM!

Believe it or not, I pulled this off on a mere 16 oz of green smoothie I had for breakfast this morning, part of which I finished in-between classes. Filled with green/raw energy, I think I might have pulled off another 2 classes, but thankfully I did not have to.

So, here is the miraculous green smoothie recipe. 🙂

 Garden of Life Green Smoothie Recipe

Makes ~25-27 oz.

  • 2 cups filtered water or coconut water
  • 1 orange
  • 1 banana
  • 1 pear
  • 1 scoop of Garden of Life’s RAW MEAL
  • 1 tbsp dulse flakes
  • 2 HUGE handfuls of mixed greens

It is pure deliciousness.

Date Night

Last night was a date night–hubby took me to see the movie, THE HELP, which was great, full of real life emotions and laughs. The audience was captivated all the way through, and I personally did not want to miss a moment. It was one of those movies with no dead moments and no “filler” scenes — every moment was there for a reason.

Each actor did a stellar job with their performance. The movie was worth every penny we paid for admission. We will have to buy it for our library when it comes out. For now, however, I got my name on a very extended list at the library to get the book.

 There is a reason I love this man so much — he makes me a better person by just being around him. I could not have asked for a better end to our week. *sigh* It’s such moments, spent with him, that keep me inspired.

After the movie hubby treated me to a delicious meal at the Northstar Cafe, at Easton, where we misbehaved… but just a little. We ordered their in-house made veggie burgers [total deliciousness and good] with a side of fries [bad]. 😉

So, today I was raw and green all morning and afternoon to get those oils out of my system. I don’t do these sort of things often, but when it happens, I immediately feel the difference. Thankfully the fries portion was not that large, and I still pulled off teaching three fitness classes this morning without feeling winded.

How is your weekend going?

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