Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Please!

Having survived the morning of Day 3 being Gluten Free [GF] I finished the night on a high note. My hubby was happy too 🙂

Isn’t this a beauty?  I whipped up a gluten free, vegan pizza. To my surprise it tasted quite well.

Making it was very simple.  I went grocery shopping and grabbed Red Mill’s GF pizza crust mix.

I followed the instructions on the package, although I found that water could have been cut down by .25 of a cup. I substituted eggs with 3 tsp of egg substitute mixed with 6 tbsp of water.

I topped off each pie [it yielded two] with pasta sauce and vegan cheese, and served with Tomato & Cucumber salad. Nothing but pure deliciousness! I’ll let you salivate a little more. 🙂

Today’s breakfast was delightfully simple: watermelon, tomato and cucumber salad and one slice of GF pizza [leftovers].

For lunch I whipped up barley with veggie sauce, and for dinner I am making barley & bean soup–I will be posting the recipe for it between today and tomorrow.  [added later in the day:  I feel so bright… NOT! Didn’t realize that barley has gluten until after I made a dish with it… oh well, at least it was a whole [unbroken] grain, so the effects, if any, would be different than that of ground wheat. Live and learn, Elena! I will still post the recipe for those who are not GF, so you can enjoy this delicious stew.]

Making My Own Flour

Going GF made me consider grinding my own flour once again. If you buy GF flours you will very quickly find out that they are not cheap. My Pizza Crust mix, for example, cost me $4.99. Had I bought the grain, it would have been much… MUCH cheaper.

So, imagine my excitement, since I am a proud owner of VitaMix — a blender powerful enough not to only make green smoothies, wonderful sauces, and raw soups, but to also grind grains! VitaMix makes it easy to make your own flour, especially because they actually have a container designed just for the task. I used VitaMix to grind grains once in a while, but I have a feeling that now it will become a regular occurrence in my household.


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