We Found Our House!

A year after moving to Washington we finally have good news--we found OUR house, our future home! A year of soul searching, figuring out where we want to put down our roots, what matters most to us and house hunting was a tiresome yo-yo ride of an emotional roller coaster.  We went from wanting to settle in Vancouver WA to deciding to stay in a much smaller town of … [Read more...]

Sprout Turned 3 | A Very Vegan Birthday

Sprout, my long awaited, much loved child, turned 3 last month! I do not know where the time has gone. It has been a blur of excitement, loving, lack of sleep, learning how to be a parent, some regrets over parenting mistakes, and creating lots of unforgettable memories.  There is one thing I know for sure in the midst of it all--I would not trade any of it for the … [Read more...]

Falling in Love with Gardening

I never thought I could fall in love like this again. Fast. Hard. And I think forever. I grew up overseas. The town where we lived was not a small by any means, but most people had gardens, and gardened--not for fun, but because that is how we raised our food, and stocked it for winter months. My parents gardened. As kids we had to help.  It was a part of our lives. It … [Read more...]

Weekend Recipe Roundup | Vegan Recipes

Sprout has been teething (pushing out her last baby molar) for the last three days and we all are worn out. We have been stuck in the house, primarily on the couch, since it became her chosen place to get through this.  While we normally spend our entire days together as it is, the last three days we have been inseparable. I held her, I worked while I held her, we read … [Read more...]

A Call I Hoped to Never Receive

As I was peeling my eyes open last Thursday morning, after a late work night, and right after telling you how our life was going in the great Northwest, I got a call I hoped I would never receive. It was my husband. At 7:15 am I received a sweet message from him. He said: "You are the greatest woman I know."  As I picked up the phone, I thought he wanted to expand on that … [Read more...]

Vegalicious Family Washington Update

It's been a while since I had written about anything very personal, save the article about my mother's recent stroke. While my family and my life have always been foundational blocks of my online work (I started this website to share with the world how I ate my way out of hypothyroidism and infertility), I made a conscious decision to respect Sprout and Hubby's privacy, … [Read more...]

Vegalicious Moves to Washington

After years of planning and weeks of packing, Vegalicious family finally made the big move--we are now Washingtonians! The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions--all good. Sprout has immediately taken her rightful place in her big family (she is 53rd grandchild...yes, you read it right :)). She fell in love with her aunts, uncles, cousins, and, of course her … [Read more...]

Sprout Turns 2!

Where has the time gone?! It seems that only last week I told you that Hubby and I are expecting.  It seems that only yesterday we announced the good news that Sprout is a girl and that she is finally here. Yesterday my girl turned 2! She is bright, witty, funny. She loves my hugs and loves to give me kisses, and keep telling me that she loves ME! She does know see us as … [Read more...]

The Vitamix Blender Evolution

Have you ever dreamed of something for a long time? Something that might even go on your bucket list? I have been a Vitamix owner for nearly 5 years now. While I have been enjoying my new Blendtec Designer Series Blender, I am still a die-hard Vitamix fan--after all Vitamix blender is my first true blender love. I cannot remember when, but I heard that there is a Vitamix … [Read more...]

12 Months of Sprout | Vegan Baby

"Time flies," it is said. It could not be more true. It seems that only yesterday we found out we were expecting, and it seems that only today Sprout came into this world. However, three weeks ago, Sprout, my beautiful, miracle, vegan baby, turned 1 year old! Where has the time gone? This post is dedicated to my Love and the joy she brought into our life. 12 Months of … [Read more...]