7 Fourth of July Vegan Recipes

Happy 4th of July!

This year, besides celebrating the country I get the honor to live in, I will be celebrating my personal Independence Day–independence from being sick. I am a happy and blessed woman.

While the 4th of July is a special day, with all enticing treats available to celebrate it, remember that every bite you take either makes or breaks your health, so–eat responsibly, but remember to have fun.

To help you celebrate the 4th in style and in health, and to stave off those pesky unhealthy cravings, I have put together a mouthwatering list of seven 4th of July vegan recipes.  Make these dishes, and I guarantee that you will be fully satisfied, and, if you are celebrating it with the people you love, you will WOW your non-vegan friends and family.

Click on the links or the images to access each recipe.



Vitamin Water



White, Red and Blue Popsicles

Use blueberries and bananas for the blue layer, strawberries/bananas for the red, and naked bananas for the white layer.


Or, mouthwatering Vegalicious (vegan) Brownies


They are also available in the gluten free version.


Chicky Bites

(vegan tuna salad served up in refreshing cucumbers)


Main Course

 Vegalicious (Vegan) Veggie Burgers  

(soy free, can be made gluten free by substituting brown rice for barley)



My go-to Vegan Potato Salad


Or “Somewhere in India” Curry Salad


What’s on your menu for the Independence Day?


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Happy 4th!

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