Easter Menu with Vegan Recipes

Happy Easter! To all my Russian speaking readers: Христос воскрес!

Easter (Resurrection Sunday), for those of us who celebrate it because of our faith in Christ, is one of the best times of the year to remember everything we are grateful for: God’s sacrifice, our family, health, finances, a home to live in, electricity, drinking water and even the smallest of things that otherwise would seem mundane.  It is also the perfect day to spend with the people you love.

If you plan to celebrate Easter, I want you to do it with a bang. I put together the most delicious Easter Menu out of mouth-watering vegan recipes. A grateful heart and a thankful stomach will make you a great companion to your friends and family.

If you are hosting an Easter meal and will have omnivorous eaters over, this is your chance to wow them with the goodness of your healthy creations.  You want to make sure to serve the most delightful, taste bud teasing fare, so they will have no room for doubt that you are doing the right things for your health and the planet by eating plant foods.

I can guarantee you that if you follow these principles I am about to mention, and make the menu I am going to share, there will not be a person who will leave unimpressed.  In fact, I can guarantee that they will be blown away by your culinary skills.

These are the principles you should to follow when entertaining guests. Make sure that the foods you serve are:

  • enticing visually
  • exciting to taste (they should explode in the mouth, waking up all senses )
  • filling, yet
  • light (you want to keep your company awake for a good conversation)

And remember that you do not have to tell your guests that the foods they are eating are vegan; at least not until after they get hooked on every single bite they eat.

I designed my Easter Menu with these things in mind.  You have two days to do your shopping and prepare some of the foods ahead of time.

Easter Menu with Vegan Recipes


Cold: Vitamin Water


Hot: Imperial Superpower Cappuccino



Cauli Poppers with Peanut Sauce



Goji Delight Green Salad


Potato Salad


Main Course

Soup: Ironlicious Lentil Soup


Fat Free Vegan Lasagna


or (not so fat-free) Vegan Manicotti


Night Warrior Vegan Brownies or Gluten Free Night Warrior Vegan Brownies, perfect with a cup of hot Teccino or Imperial Superpower Cappuccino


How Much to Make?

You do not have to make all of these recipes to enjoy your Easter meal or to wow your friends.  Pick the recipes that sound most appealing, or the easiest to make, and enjoy yourself.

Happy Resurrection Day!


Please share this post with everyone you know and let them experience the goodness of plant foods.  Let’s make this world a healthier place one delicious vegan bite at a time.


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