Kicking it Off: 3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Good morning, lovelies!  So, the day is here--we are kicking off the 3-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.  For some of us it is for weight loss, for some it is to cleanse our internal organs, but for all it is to feel better. First thing this morning I weighed myself in--this cleanse is a little bit about weight loss for me.  Although I don't have too much too lose, I felt an … Read More

Benefits of Dry Brushing Your Skin | How to Dry Brush

(image courtesy of In line with continuing our conversation on chemical free [healthy] personal care products, and as a precursor to tomorrow's post, I wanted to touch on a subject still not well known in the mainstream of our society: Dry Brushing.  I want to talk to you about What it is; Why do it [i.e. benefits to you] and How to do it.  So, … Read More

Supercharged {Green Smoothie Recipe}

Last couple of days my body was fighting off a bug that was trying to take over. I am happy to report that WE WON! To ensure that my body stayed strong and nourished, and had all of the tools it needs to do its job, I kept feeding it raw foods, including at least two green smoothies a day. Last night I whipped up ~60 oz. of amazingly delicious and nutrient rich green … Read More

Never Ending To Do Lists and TONS of Vegan Recipes

I feel like I lived in the eye of a tornado for the last couple of weeks--spinning and circling around. Thankfully, unlike a tornado, I was not destroying everything on my path, on the contrary, I have been creating. :) I have been hard at work on tweaking and beautifying my new blog, which will go live in the next few weeks. I actually got to the point where I decided to … Read More

Salad: Green and Red with Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette

A quick summer salad I made to satisfy the crunchy craving I had all day long. Green Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette  2 hearts of Romaine Lettuce, chopped 1 bell peppers, thinly sliced in rounds 2 pickling cucumbers, thinly sliced 2 kiwi fruit, skinned and sliced Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette 8-10 oz raspberries, fresh or frozen 3 tbs … Read More

Raw Vegan Recipes | Okroshka

I  woke up with no sense of hunger at all. It took me a couple of hours to get there, which put me in a very exploratory and creative mood... for desserts :) [lucky for you]. I snacked on less than a cup of what was left over from Borscht and then went on a scavenger hunt through our fridge. I had planned to make a soup or salad and raw desserts. A while back I found a … Read More

How to Make Your Own Raw Fermented Foods at Home

Growing up overseas fermented foods were a part of our regular diet. For the most part it was raw fermented sauerkraut, which we used in soups and salads. Back then, I do not think that we intentionally fermented cabbage with other veggies for the health benefits, but it was a fringe benefit for sure--we simply did it to preserve enough cabbage to last us through the … Read More

A Birthday to Remember!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was amazing! Hubby took care of the breakfast, then we spiffed up and headed out to Vancouver, WA [bigger town than Longview, so there are certainly more things to do there ;) ]. But before we took off Hubby treated me to my own mini photo session. And, of course, we had to do it right and do a few shots together [timer and a tripod come in … Read More

How to Reverse Hypothyroidism Naturally

DISCLOSURE: The longer this post is out on the web, and the more attention and readers it draws, the more I am reminded to point people to the disclosure on my site--you will find it in the side bar, and you can find it here.  In short, before you read this post, here is what you should know:  This Blog [and this post] is for information purposes only. I, the author of … Read More

Roasted Potatoes and Baked Eggplant Vegan Recipes

I have a couple delicious vegan recipes to share today. Roasted Potatoes • 6-8 red potatoes, thoroughly washed and cut into wedges • parchment paper to line the baking sheet • Sea or Himalayan salt to taste • Your favorite spices 1. Preheat oven to 400 F 2. Toss all ingredients in a bowl, until potatoes are well coated with other ingredients 3. Lay out on a … Read More