Night Warrior Vegan, Sugar and Gluten Free Brownies Recipe

Last week I whipped up amazing sugar free vegan brownies. My family and friends loved them.  Then I received emails from some of you, lovely readers, saying that it was not fair to tease you so and not offer a gluten free option for this healthy dessert. I went back to the kitchen and worked hard, hoping that my gluten free experiment would not turn out to be an expensive … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Vegan Buckwheat Salad Recipe

This is a very special salad recipe, because it comes with a story.  A couple of weeks ago I fell into a rut in the kitchen.  I felt uninspired to create any recipes...or to cook. While there are days, and even weeks, when I cannot stop creative juices from flowing, there are times when I feel completely blank and rely on my own web-site to keep food on the table. Yes, I … [Read more...]