Low Fat Plant Based Crepes Recipe

This recipe was over 8 years in the making.  Let me clarify--I did not constantly try to create a perfect crepe recipe for the last 8 years, albeit I am an avid crepes lover.  But as I missed the unearthly taste of airy goodness melting in my mouth with each bite I would take, and longed to make it not only plant based but also healthy.  I made several attempts and came … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Dessert–No Bake Berry Crumble with Apple Cream

FROM ELENA: Have you read "5 Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Less Sugar" article Marilyn wrote last week?  If not, get your tooshie over to it and read it (no tooshie dragging is really required, just click the link). You will be happy you did, because you will be motivated to give your kids less junk and more of the good, health promoting stuff. As Marilyn promised last week, … [Read more...]

5 Daniel Fast Dessert Recipes

Whether you are fasting or not*, I know how it sounds--who would think of eating desserts while fasting? Sounds pretty unrealistic and spoiled; yet, I am going to share 5 delicious Daniel Fast friendly dessert recipes that will not undermine what you are doing during the fast.  All of them are made with whole food plant based ingredients only.  None contain processed sugar … [Read more...]

Vegan Gluten Free Brownies Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I learned that Bob's Red Mill came out with a new gluten free flour mix. While I personally do not have to avoid gluten, I have plenty of clients and readers who do; so, it was time to experiment...and experiment I did. The flour comes with a claim of 1-to-1 substitution power, so, I tried it in every way possible--desserts, cauli poppers, and even … [Read more...]

Granola Topped Pear Banana Muffins

I keep saying that I am not a sweets person, and I am not--I would pick a savory dish over dessert any day of the week.  However, I might have to change saying this if I keep creating happy accidents as I did a while back, when I whipped up a delicious dessert for Hubby. He wanted a treat. I was not in the mood to go grocery shopping, so, I knew I would have to make do … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

A couple of weeks ago Sprout was invited to her friend's birthday party.  Her Mamma, Jena, is a gluten free vegan, who loves to make healthy treats for her whole family.  The entire birthday fare was healthy--low fat, whole foods, all plant-based, and all delicious.  One of our favorite treats was a sugarless, oil free, gluten free carrot cake.  I know it sounds like a … [Read more...]

Easy to Make Delicious Semolina Pudding Recipe

We all need easy and healthy, nutrient packed recipes that the whole family can enjoy.  Today's recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make, and I guarantee that children and adults alike will love it! It is perfect as a main dish, dessert or a snack. Sprout requests this treat by name...on almost a daily basis. Recipe Inspiration A few weeks ago my memories had taken me … [Read more...]

11 Healthy Snacks for Kids

We all want the best for  our kids.  Healthy nutrition is the best  you can do for your child's developing brain and body.  Most of us have busy schedules, but even the busiest will find a few minutes in our day to spoil our dollops of joy with the best food has to offer. Today I want to share 11 of my most favorite healthy snacks for kids (plant-based, sugar and oil free) … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Fat Free Popcorn Recipe

My kiddo loves music.  I actually use it as a distraction while I'm brushing her hair in the morning.  A couple of days ago she asked to watch music from The Lion King movie.   As I was brushing her hair and getting her ready for the day, I thought that it would be so much fun to pop some popcorn and have her first ever movie experience.  (We normally do not watch movies … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Almond Raspberry Muffins

Gluten Free? Gluten free diet is becoming more and more popular in the U.S.  While some people have a very valid reason to be gluten free--15% of Americans have some form of gluten intolerance, ranging from mild reactions to gluten food to those with Celiac disease, the rest of us can still enjoy delicious wheat products. However, it is always a great idea to expend our … [Read more...]