Night Warrior Vegan, Sugar and Gluten Free Brownies Recipe

Last week I whipped up amazing sugar free vegan brownies. My family and friends loved them.  Then I received emails from some of you, lovely readers, saying that it was not fair to tease you so and not offer a gluten free option for this healthy dessert. I went back to the kitchen and worked hard, hoping that my gluten free experiment would not turn out to be an expensive … [Read more...]

Night Warrior Vegan Brownie Recipe with Raw Chocolate Almond Frosting

Hubby took a pledge to quit his sweet tooth indulgence at the beginning of the year. He decided that unless I made a dessert, he would not have any.  He made me proud--he stuck with his commitment!  Nearly three months into his resolution, I thought it was time to reward him (after all, if we go at this rate, he will be having sweet treats only 4 times a year ;)!). I knew … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Raw Fig Newtons Recipe

Who does not like fig newtons? They are soft, yet somewhat crunchy on the inside, tightly hugged by a pillowy outer layer. Unfortunately, most commercially sold, or even homemade recipes are not a healthy option for kids of any age (from 1 to 92 :)). This is disheartening, especially since the fig is such a nutrient rich food. It is nature's perfect jam in an edible … [Read more...]

Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

A couple of days ago Sprout woke up, snuggled next to me and gently uttered: "Cookie."  As I did not respond, she repeated: "Cookie, cookie, cookie!" Each time a little stronger.  By the time I got her ready for the day and we stepped into the kitchen to make breakfast, she was not only asking, she was furiously saying and signing "COOKIE!" I caved in... The last thing I … [Read more...]

Chocolate Recipes | Chocolate Temptations

WARNING! Salivation induced drowning may occur while looking at this post! What would cause an outbreak of silliness, smiles and even thievery in kids from 1 to 92? (my husband stealing chocolates at the end of the photo shoot) Healthy, Mommy-approved chocolate desserts, of course! … [Read more...]

Chef AJs Apple Pie Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Guilt Free Apple Pie? Sign me up! No, really! My husband LOVES apple pie, but as great as my recipe is, I have not been able to make it 100% Elena (me, that is) ;) approved. Yet, I do make it for him occasionally. It is not only delicious, but SO MUCH better than anything you would find in stores. A few days ago, however, Chef AJ shared her APPLE PIE Fruit SMOOTHIE … [Read more...]

Skinny Vegan Banana Nut Bread Recipe

I am ecstatic since I like banana bread. I finally found the time to make it totally sugar and oil free and still make it super delicious. It took me only two shots to get it right, but I am enjoying the fruits of my labor.... as is my husband who finished the first attempt loaf on his own, and I think that the second one will meet the same destiny very soon. No sugar, no … [Read more...]

Best Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe (with a Chocolate Chip Variation)

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you are having a joyful time with your family and friends. Last night, after attending a Christmas church service, hubby and I perfected my new Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. I tried making them once before, but having never had a peanut butter cookie (I know, pity me) ;) I did not really know what I was looking for, so he was my taste guide. … [Read more...]

Vegan Thanksgiving Menu {Recipes}

Let me start off by wishing you the warmest, loveliest Thanksgiving ever. I personally have so much to be grateful for this year :) -- my baby bump is growing and our hearts are filled with joy. I am healthy and love my life and what I do. What could be better than that? For many of you, this is going to be your first plant-based Thanksgiving, and you might be wondering … [Read more...]

Raw Vegan Recipes | Okroshka

I  woke up with no sense of hunger at all. It took me a couple of hours to get there, which put me in a very exploratory and creative mood... for desserts :) [lucky for you]. I snacked on less than a cup of what was left over from Borscht and then went on a scavenger hunt through our fridge. I had planned to make a soup or salad and raw desserts. A while back I found a … [Read more...]