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  • - 1 thyroid medication -14 supplements -41 symptoms -16.5 lbs ...in 8 weeks! The doubters, the haters, and most doctors would say it's impossible, but her numbers beg to tell a different story. She felt exhausted all the time. The brain fog was so … [Continue Reading]

    How Debbie Healed Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Pain, IBS and GERD in 8 Weeks
  • Imagine this... You are young, smart, gorgeous and have everything going for you. An amazing husband, kids, education, and a thriving business. True American Dream! And then... Your life begins to fall apart. You are diagnosed with a double whammy: … [Continue Reading]

    From Begging for Death to Living to the Fullest…in a Matter of Weeks | Curing Hypothyroidism
  • I know that you are used to living in the world of physical reality. This is what we do: when we are born we are trained to experience the world through our five senses: see, smell, taste, hear, and feel. Anything that is outside of this realm is science fiction … [Continue Reading]

    How to Use Your Mind to Heal Your Hormone Imbalance for Good
  • Imagine spending half of your life suffering from a health condition that no one knows how to treat. Doctors. Medications. Supplements. Diets. You've tried it all. And...you still have symptoms galore. Your doctor tells you that you've already … [Continue Reading]

    How to Heal from PCOS in 2 Months | Melissa Toro Interview
  • If you are old enough to know what hormones are, you probably heard a thing or two about hormone imbalances. And most often than not, you assumed that only women have them, and only when it concerns their reproductive health. The truth it, both, women and men, can … [Continue Reading]

    A 6 Step Cure to ALL Hormone Imbalances
  • With millions being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and other thyroid issues, the question every single one of them wants answered is: "Is my disease curable?"   Much to their disappointment, their doctors' answer is always "NO! You cannot cure a thyroid … [Continue Reading]

    Life After Hypothyroidism | Healing Thyroid in Under 4 Months
  • When Lauren got on a discovery call with me, after years of searching for what could heal her hypothyroidism, she was at her wit's end. She already tried doctors. She tried medications. She was taking 11 supplements. And yet...no better than before. 15 … [Continue Reading]

    How a Triathlete Healed Herself of Hypothyroidism in less than 2 Months
  • We have a real problem with modern day health care... On one hand, we need medical doctors for emergencies and intervention, when our life is in balance and we need something to hold us over. When it comes to emergency care, medical doctors shine. When it … [Continue Reading]

    What to Do When Your Doctor is Lying to You About Your Hormone Imbalance
  • A few months ago I met an extraordinary human being. She is an author and a busy Mom of SEVEN kids. And she has a heart of gold. If anyone could have their hands full, that would be her. When Lisa, her husband, and I connected, she'd already been struggling … [Continue Reading]

    How a Busy Mom of 7 Healed a Hormone Imbalance in less than 2 months
  • Imagine what it feels like when you want something SO badly, yet you cannot have it. Something so basic, that every human being is born with a capacity for, yet it evades you. Something so foundational, yet, years of medication and medical care cannot give it … [Continue Reading]

    Healing Hashimoto’s and Infertility in Less Than 3 Months
  • It's a competition on pain out there. The human jungle.   Everyone competes for a piece of your brain real estate.   Everyone wants to prove that they are right…about something.   Those who are supposed to heal others, argue with each … [Continue Reading]

    Healing from Hypothyroidism in 3 Months – a Life Without Medication

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