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  • Imagine what it feels like when you want something SO badly, yet you cannot have it. Something so basic, that every human being is born with a capacity for, yet it evades you. Something so foundational, yet, years of medication and medical care cannot give it … [Continue Reading]

    Healing Hashimoto’s and Infertility in Less Than 3 Months
  • It's a competition on pain out there. The human jungle.   Everyone competes for a piece of your brain real estate.   Everyone wants to prove that they are right…about something.   Those who are supposed to heal others, argue with each … [Continue Reading]

    Healing from Hypothyroidism in 3 Months – a Life Without Medication
  • Tracy, an occupational therapist by trade, reached out to me just over two months ago. She's been struggling with #hypothyroidism and #depression for over 10 years. Over those 10 years, things got bad. 36 symptoms and counting bad. Crazy diets tried and failed … [Continue Reading]

    How Tracy Healed from Hypothyroidism and Depression in 2 Months
  • Everyone needs help...even those in the medical profession field.  Or should I say, ESPECIALLY those in the medical field?  After all, they live to help others get well.  They dedicated their lives to eradicating sickness on our planet. To improving humanity. To … [Continue Reading]

    Practical Approach to Healing PCOS, Endometriosis and Hypothyroidism Naturally
  • Have you ever wondered if healing yourself naturally is possible, especially if you have a long-standing disease that's been stealing your health and youth for the last 5, 10 or even 30 years? You've tried medications, supplements, surgeries. You've gone to … [Continue Reading]

    How She is Healing Grave’s and Hashimoto’s Naturally…in a Matter of Weeks!
  • Ever wondered why everything you do to heal your body fails you miserably? Diets, medications, supplements, therapies, workouts, fasting? You name it--you probably tried it all, but yet you are not any better. The doctors won't tell you this, but it might be … [Continue Reading]

    How to Heal Your Hormone Imbalance by Healing Emotional Trauma
  • No long intros today. Want to get straight to the point. This man sold a 5x5 foot photograph of a SPUD (potato!) for a...MILLION DOLLARS! It goes to show you that if you value something, you will find the money for it. So, today I have only one question for … [Continue Reading]

    Is Your Health Worth More than a Million Dollar Potato?
  • Have you ever wondered if it's truly possible to heal or cure your disease? In this short podcast I am going to show you why some people get well and some, no matter how much they wish for it, never will. So, no big intros to the podcast today, let's get … [Continue Reading]

    You Can Heal Yourself of ANYTHING…IF YOU Want To
  • Considering having a hysterectomy? Did your doctor recommend it? Are you inclined to go for it? Don't miss today's podcast if it crossed your mind! A young woman, let's call her Nancy, in The Art of Healing Hormone Imbalances group, recently said: "I am 33 … [Continue Reading]

    How to Avoid Hysterectomy…and Feel Better
  • Imagine doing everything that you can to get well--working out, eating a plant-based diet, seeking professional medical help...and still not getting better.  In fact, instead of better, you are doing worse. You have 21 symptoms...and counting. One day you wake … [Continue Reading]

    How to Heal PCOS and Hypothyroidism in Less Than 8 Weeks
  • Imagine being only twenty and feeling like your life had come to an end. You are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, after years of suffering, and you reach out to your doctors for help. They give you medication. They give you supplements.  But NOTHING gets … [Continue Reading]

    How Maritza is Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally

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healing hashimotos naturally

These women and men were suffering from various hormone imbalances and other health issues but were able to heal themselves in a … Read Their Stories

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