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  • I recently received an email from a Vegalicious reader. She wrote: Elena, I am just now beginning my transition to a plant based diet.  I have never liked greens, or many vegetables for that matter, but heard that they are great for my health.  I am looking … [Continue Reading]

    Is it Healthy to Drink Green Smoothies?
  • As I was peeling my eyes open last Thursday morning, after a late work night, and right after telling you how our life was going in the great Northwest, I got a call I hoped I would never receive. It was my husband. At 7:15 am I received a sweet message from him. … [Continue Reading]

    A Call I Hoped to Never Receive
  • It's been a while since I had written about anything very personal, save the article about my mother's recent stroke. While my family and my life have always been foundational blocks of my online work (I started this website to share with the world how I ate my way … [Continue Reading]

    Vegalicious Family Washington Update
  • In 1971 President Richard Nixon declared War on Cancer by signing the National Cancer Act of 1971.  Over 40 year later, have we gotten any closer to eradicating cancer, or at least improving incidence rates? In 2014 alone, there were estimated 1,665,540 new cases … [Continue Reading]

    Preventing and Curing Cancer with Diet | Thinking Outside the Box
  • I recently received an email from a reader. Dear Elena, In your opinion what green smoothie recipe would be the best to drink on a daily basis to lower cholesterol? Thank you, Tim It seems as a simple questions, begging a straight answer, however, there … [Continue Reading]

    Best Foods to Lower Cholesterol
  • Have you ever wondered if becoming vegan is safe and sustainable or if it is as hard, and possibly dangerous, as the media makes it seem? Today I am going to tell you 7 things you should know about before becoming vegan. I will also answer the most pressing … [Continue Reading]

    7 Things You Should Know Before Becoming Vegan
  • Last week Hubby took me out to Portland and we visited Veggie Grill. Let me tell you--the best tasting vegan food I ever tasted outside of my own kitchen! Hands down! While not all of their offerings are healthy, they have a lot of great, heart healthy options.  I … [Continue Reading]

    Low Fat Veggie Curry Recipe that Will Make You Lick Your Spoon
  • I have been leading a plant-based lifestyle for over eight years now. In that time I met a lot of docs and quacks who tried to dissuade me from following the hard science that supports my dietary choices. In the same time, I met only one physician (in person) who … [Continue Reading]

    How to Say Goodbye to Your Pharmacist | Interview with Dustin Rudolph PharmD
  • I covered the benefits of fermented foods in the past in detail, so, today I will highlight only a few benefits and then share a great, easy to make miso soup recipe, filled with fermented, probiotic rich ingredients, which takes less than 10 minutes to … [Continue Reading]

    Easy 10 Minute Probiotic Rich Miso Soup Recipe
  • I've been a trainer for a few years now, and every year I saw the same trend--gyms were busting at the seams with everyone who wanted to live a healthier, slimmer life. My classes were packed and there was a waiting list. Clients had to wait their turn in … [Continue Reading]

    How to Achieve Your New Year Health Resolution

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